Nuclear Medicine Service Support

A Company dedicated to service excellence

  • Unsurpassed levels of support
  • Knowledgeable, responsive, efficient and accountable
  • Spare parts delivered the day they are required

Our Company ethos is to do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure maximum system uptime.

Everyone within AGB understands Nuclear Medicine and the service support requirements of a Nuclear Medicine department. This allows us to provide the excellent customer responsive support for which we are renowned.

With a culture of accountability that stretches down from the Board of Directors, we operate a corporate policy of integrity and openness. Our customers are welcome to speak directly with our Directors, at any time.

An expert engineering team to support your Nuclear Medicine systems

We probably employ more highly trained Nuclear Medicine engineers and have more gamma cameras under contract than any other UK Company.

All our engineers are experienced Nuclear Medicine professionals with excellent engineering skills.

In total, our organisation has significantly more than 200 man years of Nuclear Medicine experience, enabling us to provide the highest possible levels of support to our customers.

The AGB difference

Offering unsurpassed levels of service and a same-day on-site response, our team delivers excellent support to Nuclear Medicine users around the world.

  • We keep all spare parts for every system under contract both in Belgium and the UK. This means we can deliver any spare part to a customer site, on the day it is required, increasing system uptime.
  • We provide same-day, on-site response by a qualified and highly trained Nuclear Medicine engineer.
  • We provide out of hours support for preventative maintenance and non-urgent repairs to our UK Nuclear Medicine customers; providing more patient scanning time.
  • We go above and beyond the OEM preventative maintenance procedures. We carry out full, manufacturer-specified maintenance procedures, but in addition we perform extra preventative work to ensure maximum system uptime.
  • Our engineers have industry-leading knowledge of every system we have under contract. They work efficiently and to the highest possible standards.
  • We do not sell or manufacture Nuclear Medicine equipment, so we have no vested interest in encouraging you to replace older systems. We believe it is up to our customers to decide when to decommission their systems.
  • We train engineers to the highest standards of support, in our industry-leading training facility where we have a fully operational system of every gamma camera under contract. This enables us to effectively maintain all systems that we have under contract, irrespective of their age.

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