Why choose AGB?

  • One of Europe's largest independent medical imaging support Companies

  • Exceptional service support

  • Giving you a choice of service provider

We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent support to our customers.

We have redefined the quality of imaging equipment support

Our unmatched customer retention rate reflects the quality and exceptionally high levels of our support.

The quality of our service far exceeds that provided by any other Company

Our collective passion is our competitive advantage, everyone at AGB is totally committed to ensure that all our customers receive the best available service support.

We give you a choice of service provider

Traditionally the only place to go for imaging equipment service was to the OEM. We have provided our customers with a choice of service provider. After all, competition is the only way to improve quality and ensure sustainable financial benefits within the healthcare market.

Our engineers are highly skilled professionals and experts in their fields

Intensive training and many years of experience have given our engineers unsurpassed knowledge of the equipment we support.

We train our engineers in equipment which is no longer manufactured, but still in clinical use

Unlike many manufacturers, we ensure we always have experienced engineers available to support older systems.

We do not sell new systems

With no vested interest in selling new equipment, we will keep your system fully operational until you decide it is time to decommission.

You can select whatever contract meets your requirements

We can tailor your service contract to fit your exact financial and technical needs. We look to build a long-term relationship with every customer which goes beyond what is stated in the service contract.

We can probably lower your cost base

When compared with the large manufacturers, we operate more efficiently and have lower overheads. This allows us to pass savings on to our customers.

We maintain an unequalled reputation for integrity, and for operating an ethical business

We keep all of our commitments to our customers and we take pride in our excellent corporate social responsibility record.

Our Uptime Guarantee

Our top priority is maximising the uptime of our customers’ imaging systems:

We work around your department's schedule...

...performing planned work when most convenient to you, and providing an unrivalled on-site response to breakdowns. In the UK we can also perform planned servicing and non-urgent repair work outside of your normal working hours.

We hold spare parts for every system under contract...

...in our UK and Belgium warehouses. We do not have to import spare parts, which means we are able to deliver them to site the same day they are required.

Every visit offers a truly preventative service ...

...we exceed manufacturers’ preventative maintenance service procedures, carrying out extra maintenance operations to ensure maximum system uptime until the next service.